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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We are very excited to be inviting you all to our common(s)' virtual photography exhibition, catalyzed by Pablo Dominguez whom has brought many of us as the storytellers to share transhumance stories from the Mediterranean region.

The aim; "continuing to dignify and publicly recognise the natural and cultural values of the different commons and Territories of Life."

The exhibition is hosted by the Museo Virtual de Ecologia Humana of Madrid, Spain.

Turkey case is co-created by Eda Elif Tibet, Gül Ertunan Karaaslan , Büşra Şahin, Sarikecili and Kejan tribes of mobile pastoralists.

Morocco case co-created with the Ait Atta tribe and our GDF team; Inanc Inca Tekguc , Eda Elif Tibet, Ugo D'Ambrosio , Soufiane M Sou Pommelien Da Silva Toufahi Emily Caruso .

In generous support of the Global Diversity Foundation, MAVA and the Darwin Initiative.

Entire Exhibition:

Morocco story:

Turkey Story:

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