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Our Award Winning Doc Film AIT ATTA:Nomads of the High Atlas Broadcasts on ARTE TV

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Streamed online from this link till 10 October at ARTE TV:

AIT ATTA: NOMADS OF THE HIGH ATLAS will be broadcast on ARTE TV, Europe's leading TV Channel

FIRST BROADCAST on 3 August 15:38 PM

Every programme with a cultural slant has a home on ARTE

Since our release on 2020, we have made it to more than 20 film festival screenings , got nominated to 11 awards and received 5 awards for our film. Completing our circuit at film festivals all around the world we are now ready to be broadcast on ARTE TV.

About 56 % of the programmes are documentaries, 19 % feature films, drama and series, 14 % news-related programmes, while 5 % feature music and other performing arts. About two thirds of the programmes broadcast on ARTE are previously unreleased. ARTE negotiates the rights to all of these programmes in order to offer an ever-richer range to users outside of France and Germany.

We are beyond excited to do our first TV release with Europe's TV Channel which will have multiple screenings. The film will be dubbed in German and French.

The film is made in collaboration with the Global Diversity Foundation and Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihood Association. Generous funds from MAVA Foundation and the Darwin Initiative.



The Ben Youssef family migrates every year from the desert-like landscape of Nkob to the green pastures of Igourdane. With their goats (number around 800) , donkeys, mules, camels and dogs, each summer they embark on a formidable journey of resilience by foot. Overcoming difficult weather conditions with hot and dry days and cold nights, with limited access to food and water, the family makes their way through uneven terrain with steep climbs and descents, to reach the agdal before the official opening where all the right holders are allowed to take their livestock into the pastures. As part of this traditional system of communal natural resource management, the Ait Atta tribe preserves their ancestral right of access to the agdal dating back hundreds of years, even if it is often times denied and challenged by the villagers settled around. A sensorial ethnographic film on the incredible movement and (im)mobilities of the family and their herd, the film juxtaposes the hopes and constraints, obligations and sacrifices of a family torn apart between their traditions and their need to adapt to modern life. Stretching over the past, present and the future, the film provides an untimely intergenerational perspective on the essence and the very challenges of nomadism within an ever transforming Moroccan society.

Download our story book and media impact kit on Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas

AIT ATTA_Story_Press_Kit
Download PDF • 14.41MB

Download Karma Motion Media Press Kit

karmaMotion Media Press Kit
Download PDF • 12.17MB

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