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Every year, Amchi Karma Chodon travels to the most remote areas in Ladakh to raise awareness on women and child healthcare. The documentary film is about Amchi Karma Chodon and her baby Teljor's last journey into the wilderness of the harsh and difficult landscape of the Himalayas.

Amchi Karma Chodon is a teacher at a residential training school for Amchis in Leh, Ladakh. The work she does together with the Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicines, led to government recognition of Tibetan medicine which is based on Buddhist cosmology and influenced by Asia’s own holistic medical traditions.


The students she previously elected from various villages were brought to Leh, the capital city, to attend a four years full time program called "DUSRAPA" where Amchi Karma Chodon has been teaching Tibetan Medicine as part of the NGO she is working for "the Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicines". After their graduation,  students who have become Amchis themselves, turn back to their villages to serve their communities. Following up on her students, Amchi Karma travels to ZANSKAR.This journey is to make sure young Amchis are doing alright, and to help them in conducting their own awareness campaigns in various villages, so that in the near future they can take care of their communities on their own. Before her last journey starts, she stops by at Korzok village near the Tso-Moriri Lake (the highest lake in the world) where she tries to reach out to the nomads to provide preventive healthcare knowledge.  

Amchi Karma, rather then providing healthcare herself to far away areas, advocates for the education of young amchis, as she thinks raising and empowering youth will promote a more sustainable public healthcare model. The film tells the story of an inspirational teacher and her students, in Ladakh, by giving a glimpse of a real life dedicated to social work and public healthcare. It also questions the future of Amchis, which has become a tradition under the threat of extinction.

To learn more on Amchi Karma Chodon's work and to reserve appointments visit her website: 

The film is distributed by CONCORD MEDIA in the UK: 

and has been broadcast by IZ TV in Turkey.



Awards & Screenings

  • Winner Award of Excellence International Film Festival Environment-Health-Culture, Jakarta/Indonesia 5th of June 2014.

  • Award of Excellence for best song, Jakarta, 2013.

  • Award of Excellence for filmmaker of inspiration, Jakarta 2013.

  • Honorable Mention for best Story, Jakarta 2013.

  • Showcase Selection for Lucerne International Film Festival, Lucerne Switzerland October 2014.

  • Official Selection,EKOTOPFILM International Film Festival of Sustainable Development Films, Slovakia, 2014.

  • Official Selection, Awareness Film Festival, California LA,USA.2014

  • Official Selection at American Online Awards,  for Best Foreign Documentary Film Spring Showcase 2014 New York, US. 

  • Cultural Festival for Tibet and the People of Himalayas, June 2014 Paris, France.

  • Official Selection at Sustainable Living Film Festival ,22'nd of December 2013, İstanbul & Ankara, Turkey.

Filmed and Photographed by Eda Elif Tibet


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