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2019      Nominated for best Ethno-Musicology Film  “Ballad for Syria" at the Royal Anthropological Film Festival, RAI Bristol, UK.

2019      Nominated for best documentary film “Ballad for Syria" TRT international Documentary Awards, Istanbul Turkey

2017      Award of Recognition, by Hollywood Independent Documentary Film Festival, May, California (USA) for film directed “Ballad for Syria”.

2017      Outstanding Achievement Award for Free Speech, by Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India, May for film directed “Ballad for Syria”.

2017      Best Documentary Film Award, Largo Film Festival, Switzerland, April for film directed “Ballad for Syria”.

2017      Award of Recognition: Documentary Feature, Impact DOCS Awards, May, Italy for film directed “Ballad for Syria”.

2015      International World Humanitarian Award for “Refugee Here I Am”, from World Humanitarian Film Festival, Indonesia 2015

2015      Prize of the festival partner STRABAG at the International Film Festival EKOTOPFILM – ENVIROFILM 2015 from Slovakia; “Hey Goat!”

2014      The Prize of the President of the Festival Committee “AMCHI”, EKOTOPFILM 2014, 41st Int. Festival of Sustainable Development Films, Slovakia.

2014      Award of Excellence for filmmaker of inspiration 2014, Jakarta Film Festival

2014      Award of Excellence for best original song for “AMCHI”, Jakarta Film Festival

2014      Honorable Mention for best creativity / originality of the story for “AMCHI”, Jakarta Film

2014      Honorable Mention for best cinematography for “AMCHI”, International Jakarta Film Festival

2014      Best Ethnographic Film Award from Intimate Visual Ethnography Film Festival for the film  directed; “AMCHI”, Caserta /Italy 2014

Screenings & Selections 


2021   KIMFF Kosica International Film Festival, AIT ATTA: NOMADS OF THE HIGH ATLAS

2021   Wine Film Festival, Awakening a Fairy Tale, California USA

2020   BARCIFF Barcelona Indies Film Fest, AIT ATTA NOMADS OF THE HIGH ATLAS


2020   Cinema Rex Bern, Oriental Film Tage, BALLAD FOR SYRIA Bern, Switzerland.

2019   ETHNO KINO Visual Anthropology Film Screening of Awakening, A Fairy Tale, Reitschule, 7th of March,  Bern, Switzerland.

2018   Screening Ballad for Syria at Tolpuddle radical film festival, UK

2018   World Music & Independent Film Festival, Washington DC.

2018   Official Selection at the Society for Visual Anthropology Media & Film Festival, CA.

2018   Official Selection BELFAST Human Rights Film Festival, 9th of August, Ireland. 

2018   Screening at Tolpuddle radical film festival, UK 

2018   Official Selection and Finalist at TRT Documentary Awards, May 

2018   Official Selection at FILMMOR Women Film Festival, Istanbul Turkey 

2018   Womens Voices Now, online film festival 

2018   San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival, Italy 

2018   ETHNOKINO , Reitschule kino, Bern, Switzerland “Ballad for Syria”

2018   UN Library, special Screening, United Nations ,Geneva, Switzerland ,February “Ballad for Syria”

2018   Impact-Hub Geneva, “Ballad for Syria” Switzerland

2017   Official selection, Global Migration Film Festival 2017, Geneva Switzerland “Ballad for Syria”

2017   Special Screening on 12th of November, at Tropen Museum, Debut Cinema, Amsterdam “Ballad for Syria”

2017   Finalist at Istanbul architecture and urban films festival, October  “Ballad for Syria” by Turkeys Architect chambers

2017   XXVI International Festival of Ethnological Film Festival at the Ethnological Museum, Belgrade, Serbia. October 10-14 th,  “Ballad for Syria”

2017   Official selection, Largo Film Festival Switzerland  “Ballad for Syria”

2017   Official Selection at Impact DOCS Awards  “Ballad for Syria” May 2017, Italy

2017   Mednarodni Film Fest Kranjska Gora – KGIFF “Ballad for Syria” Slovenia

2017   Roma Cinema Doc, “Ballad for Syria” Italy

2017   DOCUMENTARIST, Opening film- Istanbul, Turkey “Ballad for Syria”

2017   DOCfeed Eindhoven, Netherlands, “Ballad for Syria”, official selection on the 19th of February.

2017   The City and the Social Struggles Documentary Screenings by Kadıköy Municipality in Istanbul “Refugee Here I am” September-October.

2017   Refugee Here I Am TAK, Kadıköy

2016   Official Selection “Refugee Here I Am”, for San Diego Black Film Festival, California, US 31st of January, Reading Cinemas.

2016   DOCfeed Eindhoven, Netherlands, “Refugee Here I Am”, nominated for best international documentary.

2015   DOCUMENTARIST independent film festival in Istanbul, Turkey June, nominated for young talents award with “Refugee Here I Am”.

2015   Which Human Rights Film Festival, Istanbul 2015 for “Refugee Here I Am”.

2015   Refugee Film Days Film Festival for “ Refugee Here I am” Kızılay Büyülü Fener Cinema, 31st of  May.

2015   Zeugma Film Festival, for “Refugee Here I Am”, Gaziantep, Turkey.

2015   The Mountain Films Festival for “Hey Goat!” in Istanbul, February, Turkey.

2014   Showcase Selection “AMCHI” for Lucerne International Film Festival, Lucerne Switzerland October.

2014   Awareness Film Festival “AMCHI”, Santa Monica, LA, September

2014   Official Selection, American Online Awards, for Best Foreign Documentary Film Spring Showcase 2014 New York, US for AMCHI

2014   International Film Festival Environment-Health-Culture, 4th of June 2014, Jakarta/Indonesia. For AMCHI

2014   EKOTOPFILM 2014 - 41st International Festival of Sustainable Development Films, SLOVAKIA  for Hey Goat!

2014   Intimate Visual Ethnography Film Festival, Caserta /Italy 2014 , “ Hey Goat”.

2014   Cultural Festival for Tibet and the People of Himalayas,  “AMCHI”, June 2014 Paris, France.

2014   Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary, “Hey Goat!”

2014   Hey Geçi! As part of Sur leurs traces exhibition at the natural history museum in Geneva/Switzerland, 11Oct-30November

2013   Sustainable Living Film Festival, “AMCHI”, 22'nd of December, İstanbul & Ankara, Turkey.

2013   Sofia Middle East & North Africa Film Festival, “28 Days on the Moon” 16-31 January, Bulgaria

2012   ASTRA Film Festival, Romania , “28 Days on the Moon” 15-21 October 2012

2012   ZUMEFF: ZAYEF Middle East Student Film Festival in Abu Dhabi, “ 28 days on the Moon” 23rd of April

2012   ETHNO FEST: Athens Ethnographic Film Festival , “ AMCHI” 30 Nov- 1'st of December in Athens, Greece.

2012   ASPEKTY: Festival of Visual Anthropology, “28 Days on the Moon” Poland 22-25 November.

2011   Intimate Lens Visual Ethnography Film Festival “28 Days on the Moon” on 8’Th of December Caserta Italy.











2021-2022  Antropolojik with Eda Elif Tibet TV Series, HABITAT TV

2021-2022  Awakening a Fairy Tale, HABITAT TV

2021-2022  HEY GOAT!, HABITAT TV​

2021-2022  AMCHI , HABITAT TV


2014-2016  AMCHI, IZ TV, Turkey’s foremost Documentary TV Channel, 208 times


2012-2015  28 DAYS ON THE MOON, IZ TV, Turkey’s foremost Documentary TV Channel, 226 times


Radio & TV Interviews 

2020      Radio LoRa, Kassandralar Portrats with Eda Elif Tibet, 

2020      Radio Be, Filmmaking and Activism, 2020.01.06 , Radio Program

2019      Balik Gozu ,

2018      TRT ,Documentary Films ,

2018      Acik Radyo 94.9  , 2018.01.09 Radio Program

2015      74 Radyo Cografika - Enzo İkah & Eda Elif Tibet , , 2015.06.20 Radio Program



University Screenings

2020     University of Lisbon, 28 Days on the Moon, December

2020     University of Koc, Ballad for Syria, December

2019     Istanbul Bilgi University, Ballad for Syria, 27 November 

2019     Istanbul Bilgi University, Refugee Here I Am, May.

2018     Cambridge University, Woolf Institute, screening of Ballad for Syria, 29th of October

2018     New Art Exchange, Ballad for Syria, Northampton 30th of October

2018     Hrant Dink Foundation, ASULIS Discourse, Dialogue Democracy laboratory , Screening and Q&A , Ballad for Syria, 23rd of October 18, 20 

2018     Kadir Has University Human Security Conference, Screening of Refugee Here I Am, 19th October 

2018     University of Oxford, Screening of Ballad for Syria, August
2018     University of Bern, Social Anthropology Institute with Ethno Kino Ballad for Syria 

2017     Binghamton University, New York (USA) Ballad for Syria
2017     Universidad Innsbruck, Germany Ballad for Syria 

2017     Ballad for Syria, MİREKOÇ, University of KOÇ, Istanbul Turkey

2017     Ballad for Syria, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

2017    The City and the Social Struggles Documentary Screenings by Kadıköy Municipality in Istanbul “Refugee Here I am” September-October.

2017     Migrant Solidarity Network, Annul meeting, screening of Ballad for Syria, Ankara Turkey, January. 

2017     TAK Design and Art Center run by Municipality of Kadıköy, Istanbul, Screening Refugee Here I Am 

2017     Amnesty International, Ankara Turkey 20 June, Refugee Here I am

2016     New York University, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2016     Media Center California, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2016     Beyoğlu Culture Centre Istanbul, Film Screening April 2016, Refugee Here I am

2016     Adana Çukurova University Istanbul, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2016     Izmir 9 Eylül University, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2016     Istanbul Technical University, Film Screening,  Refugee Here I am

2016     Bahçeşehir University Istanbul, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2016     Istanbul Aydın University, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2015     Palmerston North University, New Zealand, Film Screening, Refugee Here I am

2013     Massey University, New Zealand Film Screening for “28 Days on the Moon”

Museum Screenings

2017     Tropen Museum, Debut Cinema, Amsterdam Special Screening for “Ballad for Syria” on the 12’th of November.

2017     XXVI International Festival of Ethnological Film Festival at the Ethnological Museum, Belgrade, Serbia. October 10-14th,“Ballad for Syria”

2014     HEY GOAT! As part of Sur leurs traces exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Geneva, 11Oct-30 November,Switzerland.

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