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“The Earth is burning. Our home is on fire. The future lies in our hands”

Every human being has the potential to become an Agent of Transformation, every home to become a seedbed for societal renewal,

and every culture to contribute to an inclusive Earth Home.​Together, we can manifest this  potential.​Together, we can transform our divided world into a united home for the family of life.​ This is the story of Home for Humanity , an unending "Quest for Humanity".

This extraordinary film takes us on a poignant and potent “One Home Journey” to several key hotspots around our home planet, and into our own homes and hearts. It explores how, individually and collectively, we can transform our divided world and co-create an inclusive and regenerative future for all beings.


The movie tells the story of the initiation and rise of the Home for Humanity movement. In an unending "Quest for Humanity", it follows the life of the two visionaries Alexander Schieffer and Rama Mani building, together with pioneers from diverse cultures, this earth-spanning transformative movement of humanity in unity.


“This is the story of our future coming into being. We watched its genesis.We saw its birth pangs and, above all, we saw in it the love that moves the sun and all the stars.” 

Prof. Jean Houston, Co-Founder, Human Potential Movement and Social Artistry, Chancellor Meridien University, Co-Chair, Home for Humanity, USA


"I love the film. I love everything about it. Bravo, bravo to everyone involved in putting together this incredible odyssey that is Home for Humanity. There are some messages and keys  in this film, that really show us the way forward.”

Ben Bowler, Director, Unity Earth and Unity Earth TV, Australia

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