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Home for Humanity Planetary Movement Goes to Bangalore

19 March 2023

Honorary Home for Humanity in Bangalore with Unwavering Focus on Inclusion

The home of S.V. Mani and Saroja Mani has been, for decades, a place of inclusion – where people of all creed, ethnicity and social status were welcome, without judgement. Lovingly dubbed the “Grandparents” of the Home for Humanity Movement, Mani and Saroja have inspired the global Home for Humanity community continuously over the past many years – be it in meetings on the ground in their home in Bangalore and at the Integral Home Campus in France), be it through their participation in global Zoom meetings, be it in their personal mentorship of countless Agents of Transformation associated with Home for Humanity.

On 19 March a large community of colleagues, friends and family assembled in the home of Saroja and Mani, celebrating the 90th birthday year of Mani, as well as the official inauguration of their home as an Honorary Home for Humanity.

In the presence of renowned social activists from India, Corinne Kumar (Founder of Vimochana) and Siddharta (Founder of Fireflies and Pipal Tree); as well as Sailaja Manacha (Author of “Step Up”); Anusuya Laxman Seetharam (mother in law of Home for Humanity core team leader Paulina Jantos), and many other change makers and conscious citizens, we celebrated the outstanding life work and lasting legacy of Mani and Saroja.

This was a day of expressing gratitude for their tireless moral and emotional support and for the caring council offered to the Home for Humanity movement.

Part of the celebratory afternoon was the sharing by Rama and Alexander of the upcoming One Home Journey and the vision of Home for Humanity. This was followed by lively discussions, and closed by a blessing of Mani and Saroja for the future of the Home for Humanity movement for planetary regeneration.

On behalf of the movement we can say, that we feel blessed for always having Saroja and Mani as vital pillars of Home for Humanity, as parents, grandparents and elders. Their integrity and support, care and wisdom will always be remembered.

In the words of filmmaker Eda Elif Tibet who interviewed Saroja and Mani for the forthcoming Home for Humanity movie: If we had more elders like Mani and Saroja, we would have a solid foundation to co-create the future. I leave their home with a sense of belonging, clarity and hope. I leave with gratitude .. and I know I will return.”

Written by Alexander Schieffer & Rama Mani

Photographs and Filming by Eda Elif Tibet

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