We give weekly to monthly workshops to communities, study groups or individuals on;


  • Visual Anthropology

  • Ethnographic & Documentary Film-Making

  • Storytelling through photography

  • Team Building for participatory video and storytelling

  • Community Building

  • Alternative Media Channels for activism and awareness raising

  • Experimenting with Sound and other sensorial expressions


  Our Vision;


  • Solidarity is inevitable with the desire to reach and work towards a fairer society

  • We are passionate about  revealing the hidden aspects of what it is to be human

  • We are also into our own transformation, as we believe it is the first conviction for social change

  • Equal participation and opportunities to raise voices within team work is what we strive for

  • In order to work this way it is imperative that no person or institution, including film / research team, NGO or association sets the agenda on the basis of their financial contribution.

  • It is a prerequisite that our documentaries are majorly self funded or partially self produced- and visuals are strictly protected and not shared other then education and cultural use with third parties.

  • That all the earnings from awards and royalty rights of the distribution of the films or images shall be shared equally between the filmmakers and the main participants.