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28 Days on the Moon



Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 is a popularly visited touristic site by millions of visitors each year, for its' surreal looking moonlike landscape and undeniably rich Christian Heritage.Located in the heartland of Anatolia in Turkey, this place still remains to be inhabited by its own secluded, hospitable yet conservative Muslim people, whom having been experiencing radical changes due to the international development of tourism.

The social transformation that is being experienced since the last thirty years of the introduction of tourism in the area, has leaded to the displacement of the self-sustaining local community from the center of the heritage attraction and fastened the destruction of the locally known "fairy chimneys", volcanic rock cones where people, their animals and pigeons used to dwell in. 

The documentary tells the story of three different villages; 9 individuals. All interlinked yet unattached from the common realities of each others' lives, they comment on the daily issues and highlight the important themes that may be of interest not only for the curious anthropologists or protective conservationists, but for everyone who travels or traveled at some point, from home to someone else's home...

The documentary represents the 28 days in Cappadocia, a visually anthropological documentation of a fulfilling fieldwork period of a graduate native anthropology student, in search of her heritage, in hope of its maintenance and protection.


  • ASTRA Film Festival, Romania 15-21 October 2012

  • Intimate Lens Visual Ethnography Film Festival on 8'th of December 2011, Caserta Italy.

  • MASSEY University ,Palmerston North/New Zealand 27 March 2012 

  • ZUMEFF: ZAYEF Middle East Student Film Festival in Abu Dhabi ,23rd of April 2012

  • Babayan Culture House ,İbrahimpaşa village Cappadocia- 15th of Aptil 2012 

  • Sofia Middle East & North Africa Film Festival 16-31 January 2013 /BULGARIA

  • ETHNO FEST: Athens Ethnographic Film Festival 30 Nov- 1'st of December in Athens, Greece

  • ASPEKTY: Festival of Visual Anthropology ,Poland 22-25 November 2012

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