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Hey Goat!

1.237.781 Million Views on Youtube

The Documentary tells the migration story of a nomadic family (known to be from the “Sarıkeçili tribe”),herding 500 goats in Southern Turkey. Through an intimate portrait of the family, the documentary conveys human-environmental relationships in seek of how the family’s traditional local knowledge , the process of the migration and their living life style in general benefits to the biodiversity of the region. A research team consisting of an anthropologist, ethno botanist and environmental activist also share their thoughts and observations during the migration.

The film intends to raise awareness and open up discussion on ways to support and protect nomadic pastoralists' livelihood rights as well as understanding their cultural conservation practices and its effects on enhancement of biodiversity of the region.

Jury Price from EKOTOPFILM International Film Festival of Sustainable Development Films, Slovakia, 2014.


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