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PhD Students get best Science Filmmakers Award at the 5'th Global Science Film Festival

EthnoKino community members YinYin Ma, Eda Elif Tibet, Celestin Mutuyimana, Surangika Jayarathne, Nataliya Borys and Bo Cheng receive the Best Scientists as Filmmakers Award in the shape of a sacred Ibex (that can be found in the serene Swiss Alps).

You can watch the award winning films at:

Sewing Souls (2022):

(Co-produced with KarmaMotion).

Soul Wound (2021)

(Co-produced with KarmaMotion). See the booklet.

The award ceremony was held at the closing of the 5'th Global Science Film festival directed by Dr.Samer Angelone, on the 2'nd of April at Film Podium Cinema in Zurich. The award was handed by Prof.Dr.Hugues Abriel the Vice Rector of the University of Bern.

The film Sewing Souls is the second episode followed after Soul Wound . Both projects are on historical trauma that bases it's inspiration on Celestine Mutiyamana's (PhD Candidate in Psychology at the University of Zurich) findings and research with Rwandan genocide survivors.

The script was written by Celestin who narrated and acted in both films as the traumatized individual going through post traumatic stress disorder . Celestin was accompanied by Ukranian PhD Candidate Nataliya Borys (the wife) and Sri Lankan PhD candidate Surangika Jayarathne (the psychologist) filmed by Chinese PhD Candidate YinYin Ma (Camera). Post-doctoral researcher at GIUB and co-founder of EthnoKino and KarmaMotion; Dr.Eda Elif Tibet and independent video artist Bo Cheng mentored and trained these highly creative interdisciplinary group of young social scientists whom joined from across various Swiss Universities.The two films were produced during the Film-Making Marathon hosted by the Swiss Film Academy and the mLab of the Geography Institute at UniBern.

Celestin Mutiyamana's Thank you Speech:

"It is not so easy to have something to say, because of so many emotions.But I have two things; It was my dream to be a filmmaker since my childhood but it was not happening till I joined the Global Science Film Festival's film-making marathon 2 years ago. So you can imagine how I am feeling with this award at my hands right now. Second thing is; I grew up in a country where there are a lot of people suffering from trauma and from post traumatic disorders. Still today there are many of those with heart wounds and depression up to 40% of the population in Rwanda.Despite standardized individual treatments and much wisdom, nothing effective is happening. So how to reach this wounded community through film making is going to be my next goal, thank you all!"

Eda Elif Tibet's thank you speech: "We thank Samer Angelone and all the organizers of the Global Science Film Festival to allow visions come true through visuals where they can meet the audience. And more and more we are happy as social scientists to have found space here, as often times science is taken for natural science. This proves that we are moving towards a more holistic understanding towards the commons".

More from the Award Ceremony & Global Science Film Festival:

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