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Karma Motion & Home for Humanity Meets Dalai Lama

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

13 March 2023, Dharamsala / India.

Here we are in Dharamsala meeting the Dalai Lama :))

Last October (2022) we had the honor to receive the Dalai Lama's sister Jetsun Pema for the world premiere of her film AMALA made by Geleck Palsang at our very own film festival EthnoKino in Bern, Switzerland which KarmaMotion is the media partner of.And now we are here! Holding Dalai Lama’s soft hands and looking into his eyes full of warmth and humanity was an unforgettable , transformative experience!

“What you are doing, this is my life’s mission: transforming a divided world into a humanity in unity. The world is on fire and we will all vanish if we do not come together. Beyond all our differences, we are all one.”

Dalai Lama

May our film storytelling collective, continue to spread the three values Dalai Lama gifted to the world;

Compassion ,kindness and humanity in unity.


Eda Elif Tibet

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