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Antropolojik Episodes at Habitat TV broadcasts to 30 Million People in Turkey

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Karma Motion's Eda Elif Tibet, Cihan Elci and Senol Sen has been producing Turkey's first Anthropology TV documentary series. Since January 2021, Elif has beeen anchoring her life journey around the world, through an anthropological perspective reaching out to more then thirty million households in Turkey.

Episodes explore life from near to distant lands across the world from Turkey to Morocco, France, Spain (Menorca Island), Greece (Lemnos Island), Lebanon (Shouf Reserves), Portugal (Agroforestry), Switzerland (Gardens, Alps, Democracy, Scientists, EthnoKino film festival and more), Italy, UK (Global Environmental Leaders, Maysoon Pachachi-award winning filmmaker), India ( Dalai Lama's Tibetan Children Village with Jetsun Pema, Bollywood with Dinero Ash, Slums of Mumbai) and more is yet to come as they are published monthly.

Numerous episodes like Tibetan Music with Loten Namling (1st episode), to experimental travelogue pieces like Gaudi's Barcelona , Break in the Italian Rivera Cinque Terre, My Dreams in Marrakech are Pink (which covers Elif's impressions of the Harvest festival in Morocco) to Morocco's Paradise Gardens and Anammer's Agroterraces, Rhythm of the Flock in France with a shepherd family , a personal account on Childhood memories in Lisbon to Gulbenkian's collection museum in Lisbon, Escapism and Music with Thais Sala a musician in Marrakech, which are all now on YouTube too and can be viewed hereby.

The episodes feature some of the world's most interesting habitats , cultures and landscapes, life worlds. Antropolojik is determined to be hosting pioneering thought leaders, artists, musicians, scientists, storytellers, visionaries and change-makers who are committed doing good to our planet earth.

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