On Our Video Workshops

Video workshops given by Eda Elif Tibet & Inanc Tekguc

As Karma Motion, we organize video workshops during intensive, participatory and peer-to-peer learning events. In the video workshops, participants learn the basics of documentary filmmaking. We apply hands-on methods during the workshop to get everyone ready to use a camera in the field and produce short videos about their own research. Participants experience how to handle cameras, audio equipment and additional tools, how to record interviews with good sound and image quality and how to tell stories in a visually compelling, exciting way.

The workshop touches upon brief theoretical aspects on the essentials of documentary filmmaking and on collaborative and participatory working methodologies. We also discuss different storytelling techniques and approaches informing advocacy. Additionally, we talk about technicalities of various camera equipment from DSLRs to drones, to video cams and smartphones.

As part of the practical section, participants produce both interview clips and short video-stories: they develop storyboards, film the scenes and edit on the go as they draft and vision what the core idea is behind their stories. At the end of the sessions, we organize a screening event of the films where we provide feedback both from the instructors and from the peers.

Our video workshop at the Mediterranean Regional Academy, High Atlas Region in Morocco (Nov 2018)

Environmental field practitioners and lab scientists from the Mediterranean countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, etc., came together for the first Mediterranean Regional Academy organized by our partner Global Diversity. Karma Motion gave workshops on: on-camera science communication, body-language in presentations in addition to the main video workshop.


Our video workshop at the Global Environments Summer Academy, University of Oxford (July-August 2018)

Environmental change makers came from all around the world as part of the Global Environments Summer Academy at the University of Oxford (July-August 2018). Karma Motion was there to lead the video workshop, in collaboration with Visual Anthropologist and Journalist, Ruth Krause.

Our Call for the Next Global Environments Summer Academy, University of Oxford (2020)