The Ben Youssef family migrates every year from the desert-like landscape of Nkob to the green pastures of Igourdane. With their goats (number around 800) , donkeys, mules, camels and dogs, each summer they embark on a formidable journey of resilience by foot. Overcoming difficult weather conditions with hot and dry days and cold nights, with limited access to food and water, the family makes their way through uneven terrain with steep climbs and descents, to reach the agdal before the official opening where all the right holders are allowed to take their livestock into the pastures...



“Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The Sleeper must awaken”. 

Filmed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cappadocia, the documentary tells the story of a man and his son trying to revitalise the traditional methods of vine keeping. Through the fertilisation of the volcanic ash soil with pigeon guano, a unique relationship between people, pigeons and fairy chimneys a are revealed within this magical sentient ecology.


The film questions what heritage is to a landscape emptied by internal migration and is linked to a broader local community empowerment & multi modal storytelling project called "Fairy Dust Cappadocia".



“A story far from the eye but close to the heart ”. 

Cihan , has not seen his sisters since the last ten years. When he left them, they were only little girls. Having to endure a difficult life time on exile trying to meet the demands of the Swiss asylum system trying to integrate learning new languages, working hard to earn a living  accompanied by a hazardous love life, Cihan eventualy loses himself. Yet at all times, he tries to reconnect to his own land, people and village albeit remotely. 

During his sister's wedding, through the messages sent into his fiancee Elif's camera, he finds out that his spirit and memories have not been forgotten at all, by his fellow tribe. An unending bond that has been left behind for a while, inspires Cihan to reunite with his sisters and brothers one day.

forthcoming 2022

Released 2017

Released 2015

Released 2014

Every year, Amchi Karma Chodon travels to the most remote villages in Ladakh to raise awareness on women and child healthcare and to train her students. 

Amchi Karma Chodon is a teacher at a residential training school for Amchis in Ladakh. The work she does together with the Ladakh Society for Traditional Medicines, led to government recognition of Tibetan medicine (which is based on Buddhist cosmology and influenced by Asia’s own holistic medical traditions). Yet this film , tells the story of an inspirational teacher, giving a glimpse of a real life dedicated to social work and public healthcare....

Released 2013

Released 2012