We are delighted to be presenting and producing the first visual anthropology TV Series in Turkey with HABITAT TV



Meet The Visual Team

Eda Elif Tibet

Independent, Storyteller, Himalaya Lover, forest lover, academic, Paulo Freire & Dalai Lama admirer, Human Rights Activist, Filmmaker, Visual Anthropologist, Social Innovator, Transformative Educator.

Speaks Turkish & English & German & Portuguese.

İnanç Tekgüç

Road tripper, techie, nomad

salsa dancer, chaser of light,

timelapse addict, cinematographer, iguana, Filmmaker.

Speaks Turkish & English & Spanish.

Cihan Elci

Flute Player, Music Enthusiast, Cook, Food and Portrait Photographer, Dengbej lover, Biologist, Kurdish Culture Promoter, Videographer. Speaks 5 Languages: Kurdish & Turkish & English & German & French. 

Abdi Deeq

Photographer & Videographer, Afro, Somali, Iran, Persian Culture, Documentary lover. Speaks 5 Languages: Somali & Arabic & Farsi & English & Turkish.

Meet The Collaborating


Maisa Alhafez

Maestro, founder of Istanbul Mosaic Oriental Choir, pianist, musician, mother of Emily, agent of peace, Founder of tomorrow is better,the power of love. Speaks Arabic & French & English & Dutch.

Ballad for Syria

Enzo Ikah


Composer, father of Canaan & Afa Kivala ,Human Rights Activist, Reggea musician, follower of Bob Marley and Mandela , African, star of peace, MA on peace & conflict, Educational psychologist. Speaks French & Kingala & Turkish & English.

Refugee Here I Am

Mehmet Türke


Troglodyte, Cave Dweller, Pigeon lover, Vineyard Keeper, Raisins, Grapes, Wine, Cappadocian, Born into UNESCO World Heritage Site, Boutique Hotel Owner, Descendant of the Winter Sleep House (Where Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Cannes Palm D'Ore winning film takes place), Cappadox festival partner, Nickname Sisik (too proud),Hand Woven Kilim Trades Man, Rock House maker, Carver, Carpenter, Fluent in French & Turkish & English. 

Awakening a Fairy Tale

Rama Mani


Poet, performer, peace agent, transformative artist, academic, human rights defender, conflict resolution professional, lover of red and black colours, Right Livelihoods Award Jury Member, Transformative Educator, Founder Theater of Transformation Academy,

Pacha Mama, mother of home for humanity. Speaks French & English & Hindi & Tamil.

Home for Humanity

& Theater of Transformation

Alexander Schieffer


Creator of Trans4M, Poet, Author of Fire Bird, Founder of Integral Development, Academic, Professor, Transformative Educator, Activist, Father of Home for Humanity. Speaks French & German & English.

Home for Humanity


Loten Namling



Musician, Composer, Song Writer, Cartoonist, Tibetan Opera Singer, His Holliness the Dalai Lama, Free Tibet, Human Rights Activist, Storyteller, Lost Nomad, Tibetan Warrior. Speaks German & English & Hindi & Tibetan.

Tibetan Inside of Me

Meet The Environment 

Culture Defenders

Sarikecili Family

Goat herders, nomads, Mediterreneans, following the path of thousand years old tradition, among the last free people.

Hey Goat!

Amchi Karma Chodon

Tibetan Doctor, on the path of Sowa Rigpa, Karma, Healer, Medicine maker, medicinal plant herder, Astrologist,lives in Ladakh, Public health defender, nomad, mother of five.

Speaks Tibetan & English.




Vine keepers, pigeon breeders, cave men, fairy chimneys, UNESCO heritage site residents, Cappadocians, grape lovers, Anatolians, father & son.

Awakening a Fairy Tale

Ait Atta Family


Transhumant, Agdal, Commons, Mobile Pastoralists, High Atlas Mountains, 800 Goats. Speak Tamazight Language.

Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas


Film Festivals, Museums & Universities 






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